The .kiwi Tri Series is a six-seven race national triathlon series, delivered by Triathlon New Zealand. The concept of the Series was born in late 2005 with the aim of hosting triathlon events whereby 'everybody and anybody could compete regardless of age and experience'. The first ever race of the series was held on 11 November 2006 as part of the World Triathlon Festival in New Plymouth and has expanded to showcase triathlon at numerous locations on a local, national, and international scale country-wide ever since.

The .kiwi Tri Series has triathlon distances to suit all ages and abilities. Anyone can enter a .kiwi Tri Series race - even Mark Richardson!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Rules? Click Here For Triathlon NZ Competition Rules

Is there Prize-Money? At this stage, prize money amounts are TBC

What is the age criteria?

Event  Age at 31 December 2015     
3:9:3 (Short Course)                          11+ 
Sprint 13+ 
Standard 16+ 

What is the refund policy? There are no refunds under any circumstances. See the terms and conditions of entry.

What is the transfer policy? If you have entered an event and are no longer able to participate you may transfer your entry into another  Tri Series event within the same season.  This process will incur a $20 administration fee.  See the terms and conditions of entry.

If I can't make the registration time can someone register for me? It is recommended that you, the athlete, collect your registration pack; however if you cannot make it during the set registration time a friend or family member may collect it for you.

Who gets an event tee shirt? All participants in the individual trophy and cup events are given an event tee shirt.  Participants only receive event tee shirts at their first event of the season.

What time can I rack my bike in transition? In most cases you are allowed to rack your bike in transition about an hour before each event however this differs between events.  You will receive participant notes before each event which will explain racking times.

My time is wrong on the results, what can I do? Email triseries@smcevents.co.nz with the following details; name; race number; event entered; the error.

Who do I contact for lost property? Email triseries@smcevents.co.nz with the following details; 'Lost Property' in the subject line; name; race number; missing item.

Equipment FAQ:

Do I have to wear the swim cap provided? Swim caps are compulsory and you must wear the swim cap provided in your race pack.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit? Wetsuits are only required if the temperature falls below 14ÂșC as per the Triathlon New Zealand Rules.  An announcement will be made at the race by the Race Referee as to whether wetsuits will be compulsory or not.  Please note that wetsuits are not compulsory for the 3:9:3.

Do I have to wear a helmet?   A helmet is compulsory.

Where do I wear my race number? Individuals are given three race numbers; one to pin on the front of your shirt or wear on your race belt; one to place on the front of your helmet; and one to put on the seat post of your bike.  Teams will receive one each of these numbers; one for each team member.  Race numbers must be worn at all times, with the only exception being the Cup and U19 events at Oceania Championships. 

Will there be help available if I have a flat tyre or broken chain? You are not allowed assistance during a triathlon, with the exception of medical assistance.  There will be a vehicle on the road to collect those that have to pull out of races.

Are the roads closed? A road is never closed. There are no road closures for any of our events, therefore you will be sharing the road with other users and normal road rules apply. All roads are open to traffic. It is important that participants keep vigilant throughout the entire event, cycle safely, and abide with all New Zealand Road Rules.

Am I allowed to walk on the run? Absolutely!

What is drafting?  Am I allowed to do it? Drafting means to is cycle in the slipstream of another cyclist thus gaining advantage. Only competitors in the Cup are allowed to legally draft. Trophy and 3:9:3 events are non-drafting unless stated otherwise.

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